About Me

"Find something you love to do and then do it for the rest of your life." Max Fisher

About Me

Why change, why projects and project management?  It ticks so many boxes for me.  I love learning and I love applying that learning, I love puzzles and problems and, even better, solving them.  

By it’s very nature, change has wide ranging impacts across a business and it’s technology BUT those impacts change and morph depending on department, division, sector and culture.  

To be able to deliver projects and programmes successfully takes breadth of experience – it’s range and diversity across industry and types of change that provide the capability to land projects and programmes time and time again.  

It’s my experience over many years and industries that enables me to see what needs to change, how to approach that change and the best ways to structure and deliver that change. 

AND it is my love of managing projects and programmes and working with people and teams that means I’m never just doing a job, I’m doing something I love. 


Define | Design | Build | Deliver

"She is undeterred by challenges and when faced with them shows leadership, whilst keeping business stakeholders on board and giving the team the freedom and constructive environment to work in a collaborative and productive manner."
Jason Fang
Test Manager, POFTS

Project and Programme Management

Delivery Experience

Exposure to multiple sectors, including Financial Services, Banking, Facilities Management and outsourcing, Media, Oil & gas, Education, Retail and Food and Beverage.

I have worked both in the UK and Australia and delivered Projects and Programmes with teams distributed across the globe, from London, New York, Sydney, Tel-Aviv, Mumbai, Dublin, Amsterdam, Sweden, Frankfurt and more. 

"Enthusiastic, great communicator and cool under pressure - these are the 3 traits that come to mind when describing Sally-Anne. A pleasure to work with."
Ian Jackson
Head of Savings, POFTS


Delivers real tangible changes, outcomes and results using broad experience and lesssons learnt to drive project and programme management success.


Translates Business change into IT deliverables and IT speak into language the business can understand.


Educates using project and programme management multi industry knowledge coupled with digital change, IT development and business transformation.


Responds using depth and breadth of experience to rapidly understand problems and deliver solutions, projects and programmes.


We are the sum of our parts and change is successful when those parts collaborate and work together. It takes a Team to deliver Projects!


Actively listens to all levels of stakeholder and transforms input into tangible outcomes to enable project and programme delivery.

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